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Many of us are remembering what it’s like to be free and awakened. We are remembering our purpose, feeling more of our abilities and knowing that our healing gifts are meant to be shared.


You feel compelled to make a difference on the planet, to live authentically, to expand your inner spiritual work, all while sharing your gifts, intuitive knowing and higher wisdom with the world in your business.

My hope is to assist you in developing yourself as healer and creator, activating what is being called to come through you, bringing your gifts and abilities to the next level, and support you as you evolve on your spiritual journey. Whether a beginner and just awakening to your gifts or a seasoned spiritual entrepreneur, I welcome you to this journey with me!

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Kalee Coombs

Creator of Resonant Alchemy, 

Healing Coach, Tonal Alchemist

I find that Kalee’s energy is very pure. It comes from a very deep and sincere place, creating a profound effect. Kalee is the “real deal.” She lives and practices what she teaches and shares with others. Kalee is completely congruent with what she is flowing out. Therefore, I find the transmissions more clear and pure and effective than what you will find with many other healers.


“I’ve known Kalee for over three years. Her pure dedication to holding others in the energy of unconditional love along with her authentic radiance is phenomenal. She’s had a significant impact on my self-healing journey.”


“I feel a thousand times better. The weight has lifted. The bliss is back. The truth that everything will be okay is now experience. Thank you.”