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Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, triggered by all the holiday hoopla? And even though you do your best to keep out, they pull you back in? Turn your ‘OY’-ful into Joyful this Season!

This time of year can be such a whirlwind, hustle-bustle challenge as we juggle our daily lives with all the extra activities. If you’re anything like me, you want to remain neutral and stay in your highest place and keep in your joyfulhood as much as possible, detaching from all the drama and mayhem this time of year often brings up.

I would love to help you so much, and that inspired me to create this special offer!

READING and HEALING HOLIDAY SPECIAL 75 minutes for $97 (Regularly $159)!

We’ll tune into your energy field and share information that will assist you this season, then relax with the power of a Crystal Singing Bowl and Voice to transmute and release the energies that don’t serve. 

Feel less stressed this season and simply click the link below and schedule your session. Here’s to a lighter, more joyful and peaceful holiday season!

New! Heal and Play Crystal Singing Bowls like a Pro!

Do you love Crystal Singing Bowls? Have some bowls or thinking of buying some?

Try 4- weeks of one to one instruction to play them like a pro with clarity and confidence!

“I’ve had multiple sessions with Kalee. There is always a shift. Often, I find that her healing work will have an energetic effect that lasts for several days to a week later. This has facilitated a lot of release for me on a very deep level. This is not trite…there are a lot of people who skim the surface. I find that Kalee’s energy is very pure. It comes from a very deep and sincere place, creating a profound effect. Kalee is the “real deal.” She lives and practices what she teaches and shares with others. Kalee is completely congruent with what she is flowing out. Therefore, I find the transmissions more clear and pure and effective than what you will find with many other healers.

“I’ve known Kalee for over three years. Her pure dedication to holding others in the energy of unconditional love along with her authentic radiance is phenomenal. She’s had a significant impact on my self-healing journey.”


“I feel a thousand times better. The weight has lifted. The bliss is back. The truth that everything will be okay is now experience. Thank you.”