A Sounding Meditation for shifting into a higher vibration

Four steps to create a harmonious frequency now

1. Enter a meditative state. Observe and feel your emotions from a place of neutrality by being kind to yourself. Ask for assistance from your guides and the universe by postulating that the universe is supporting you in a sacred healing space of love, you are protected and you are love. “I am Love. I am protected and supported by the universe and I am in a sacred healing space of love.”

2. With an open heart, embrace your emotions as indicators of where you are and allow them to flow and release them with sounds. We can do this by sounding with the voice, by tuning into ourselves and toning out what we are feeling. Vocal toning can be used to sound out all those things in your personal space that may be in the way of your desired state or frequency.

3. Focus now on shifting the emotions into what you’d like to feel and what frequency would be most beneficial and of your highest good. For example, if you feel anxiety, intend to feel peace and shift the sounds toward the intention of peace. Use toning to bring you into the heart. Use the sounding process to uplift your vibration and send sounds of appreciation and love from yourself to yourself.

4. Be still in the desired frequency and maintain it as long as you can. Take actions that ‘embody’ this higher frequency on a regular basis. Perhaps you feel a lower frequency around certain people or places, so you decide to spend less time there and more time in a field of your desired frequency. Or perhaps you create a ritual of lighting a candle and of making a sound of release and then sound into your desired frequencies each day.