What is a Sound Journey?

A sound journey, (similar to a Sound Bath or Sound immersion) is a sound session that I offer as a Tonal Alchemist for groups or individuals, where you lie down and receive currents of intentional sound and frequency that feed your body, mind and soul. You can come with an intention for healing or growth. Sometimes the intention may be to realign and feel balanced or it may be to gain clarity on an issue that has been on your mind or perhaps you’re stressed and you need to calm down and surrender or perhaps you are depressed and want to transmute negative thoughts. In this experience, there are many different sounds being used and instruments being played, as well as singing voice and vocal toning. You may hear, my voice singing a melody and a variety of sounds, drums, rattles, shakers, crystal bowls and crystal pyramids, etc. As I tune into the energy of the people present, I am guided to create the sounds that would be beneficial and direct this to each person in the room. The whole idea is to use the sound to transmute energy, receive healing frequencies that feed your optimal tonal diet and realize your intention by using and receiving the sound that creates that possibility for you.