Raise your Vibration with Sound Healing and Feel Amazing Now!

Feeling amazing begins with your choice in each moment. Right now, in this moment, set a new template for your entire amazing existence. When you consistently feel good by resonating positive vibrations, everything in your life begins to flow. You easily enjoy your relationships with others, make better choices, improve your health and you begin to attract and allow abundance into your life. You can easily and instantly give your frequency a boost, by applying these 4 simple rituals and feel amazing.

  1. Breathe from your belly.

When we learn to sing, we begin by learning about healthy breathing. Breathing is our foundation, not just for singing, but also in truly living. Breathing is the flow of life force, the element of air that allows all the parts of our existence to move and flow. On a physical level, deep abdomen breathing massages the organs, encouraging detoxification and allows for more oxygen and blood flow to that area of the body. Bringing our awareness to deeper and slower breathing can be used to clear the mind for meditation. When we’re afraid, worried and angry or stressed, we tend to breathe from the chest. Next time you feel those emotions taking a tour through your system, work through it by dropping the breathing down to your lower abdomen. You can also induce a state of calmness by exhaling fast and strong. So, begin a daily ritual of bringing your awareness to the breath and breathe from low in the abdomen.

  1. Soothe the savage beast with singing.

Aside from low belly breathing, singing can boost the mood by encouraging us to stand up tall, for the next step a student would focus on is body alignment. Standing up tall and in a healthy stance naturally boosts confidence and mood. Try it. Slouch over and look at the ground and try to express yourself. It’s difficult because your lungs and throat are blocked and your spine is unaligned. Now stand up straight with shoulders back and down, chest open, knees unlocked with a slight give, and chin parallel to the floor. Feel the difference? In addition, singing a song with a message that we resonate with can allow us to feel heard. We express the words while receiving the beauty of melody. Another way to lift your vibration is through vocal toning. Vocal toning is a method by which you elongate the breath and tone with the voice, producing the sounds that feel good to you. Vocal toning gives us permission to express and release raw emotion with just the right sound for the individual. Begin by vocalizing whatever you’re feeling and sound it up to a higher frequency. For example, if you’re feeling sad, close your eyes and allow the sadness to be there and begin to make the sounds of your sadness. Then begin moving the tones up higher and higher, shifting them into a state of surrender, where your inner sad self feels ’heard’. When you shift the sound up into a new vibration and begin feeling the buzz or sensation that feels better, you feel ‘nurtured’.  Vocal toning is excellent for clearing blocks or trauma that may be in the body. Simply go within and resonate it with your voice, get it all out and you’ll feel amazing.

  1. The harmonic frequencies of nature and being the song of which you are.

Spending too much time in the city or the electromagnetic soup and noise of our homes and offices, we may begin to feel agitated, tired and have brain fog. Just sit or lie on the grass or beach and listen to the bird songs, the wind shifting the trees, the waves lapping the shore, the brook rolling over the rocks and allow yourself to be in tune with it. Allow yourself to take your shoes off with your bare feet on the Earth and take in the Schumann resonance, up through the souls of the feet. You’ll feel grateful that you did.

  1. Feel the frequency of gratitude.

Gratitude puts your body and mind in a receptive state so that more positive vibrations flow in. You become open to receive more love, joy and opportunities. To begin, note at least 3 things to be grateful for and focus on lifting your vibration from there. Do this ritual each day and your list will grow exponentially.

So, in this moment, choose to go into nature and take a nice deep, low breath, stand up tall and express your authenticity with your voice and feel grateful that you did!