Happy Full Moon Day !

BE NOW… The Power of Sound Neutrality

A Practice You Can Do Right Now

To Cleanse And Restore Balance

The full moon can often be an emotional, erratic and unpredictable time. Hospitals and municipal officials often expect an increase in accidents, bizarre behavior and crimes during the full moon. These full moon effects are well documented. People who have been practicing self-development find themselves having better flow and deeper experiences during full moon days. Traditional medicines have comprehensive pharmacopeias that include instructions for ideal days to harvest certain herbs to attain maximum potency, and the full moon day is often given as that singular best day for harvesting the medicinal plants.


Part of the reason for this connection to full moon day is that we are mostly made of water and the moon’s gravity exerts a push / pull effect over all the liquids on earth, epitomized by the tides. “Everything blooms fuller under the full moon” as the sages tell us. Our entire physiology, including emotions and hormones are affected. When we become aware of this connection, we can rise to self-empowerment and can set the intention to become more neutral and self-sufficient.


Now here’s how the magnifying effects of the full moon when added to the toxic burdens of physical and emotional stress we all carry can create a crisis in our lives.


We are living within an epidemic of stress and we’re assaulted by stressful overloads on every level: emotional, physical and energetic. Personally I’m always amazed at how people use strong if not caustic and even poisonous chemicals to clean their homes, automobiles and their bodies. Whatever we come into contact with is absorbed and we become it. Our skin is like a giant tongue, absorbing whatever it comes into direct contact with and our energy fields may be open and compromised in the presence of toxins. Many of us don’t even consider that we are creating our own problems by absorbing toxic chemicals and stressful energy with no strategy to cleanse ourselves.


Add the effects of the full moon to this toxic deluge and now you see how a critical overload can occur.


Here’s a way to clear the toxins and toxic energy that lead to blockages affecting the flow of energy and causing imbalances in our physical, emotional and energetic fields.


It’s quite simple to do and with just an intention and a few short minutes, you can clear away some very deep issues without the need to tell anyone or even completely ‘understand’ what it is you’re clearing.


When emotions or energetic toxins are not regularly cleansed from our system, we can become ‘emotionally’ erratic and feel out of control with ‘reactive’ behavior. The full moon magnifies everything and that can push us over the edge.


Clearing out with sound or Crystal Singing Bowls can remove the debris and spontaneously balance our emotions and hormones so that we are much more able to be and act from a state of neutral, which I talk about in my BE NOW program.


We take back our power and stand in a place of being centered and unaffected by the stresses that may be coming into our lives. The full moon is the right time to initiate this cleansing process!


The following simple practice is a great way to begin. The most supportive way to practice this is with a Crystal Singing Bowl, but it can be just as transformative using your own voice with proper guidance.


For best results, set up a regular time, in the morning or evening or both to sit quietly and relax undisturbed.


(Please feel free to read the following instructions several times in order to be able to flow effortlessly through this exercise).


Close your eyes and turn inward toward your inner, deepest part of self. Command that you and the space you are in are impenetrable from harm and is a sacred. Intentionally, you state aloud (our voices are so powerful!) that you are in a sacred field of the highest love and light, where nothing harmful may enter or prevent you from being in your highest and best outcome.


Take a few deep breaths and allow loud relaxing sighs to sound with your voice with the intention to unwind, relax and release any tension in the body and within your mind. Allow the emotions and stresses to just come out on the exhale. Relax and let it out.


Next, allow yourself to make audible sounds with your voice, without judgment, with an intention of allowing any stress or emotional stagnation to express itself through your voice. The tones may sound soft, loud and can vary in different sounding vowels. You can start with the vowel “Ahhh…” and move forward from there. Emotions may appear of themselves. Just let it flow. Allow any sounds to come through you, let them shift and continue to sound until what you are expressing and releasing feels heard and expressed fully. This is a natural process. Let it flow. Let it go its own way.


A few minutes of this practice done seriously with proper intention each day will have profound effects. Experience shows that parts of you that have been stagnant or have been holding on to you will be heard, released and transmuted. You will feel aligned with your highest and will feel lighter and more attuned to your inner voice. You will feel more relaxed, peaceful and calm.


Please try it for yourself and give it a chance – I know it will work and make a difference for you. Yes, I would love to hear from you about your experiences!