Why Play Crystal Singing Bowls

~Some of the Benefits of Playing Crystal Singing Bowls

I’ve been using Crystal Singing Bowls for over 10 years and have been grateful for their profound ability to calm and soothe my nerves, bring me to a place of complete transcendence, quiet my mind and allow for more creative expression in my life. I’ve witnessed identical effects (and more) in my clients.

When my Crystal Singing Bowls journey began I was a pioneer, experimenting, growing and exploring. There weren’t many people playing them at that time and whenever I spent time with my bowls, I felt so much bliss, lightness and joy. Crystal Singing Bowls were the perfect vehicle for my musical and intuitive abilities. I am thrilled to see they’ve become commonplace and are used in a variety of healing practices.

These days Crystal Singing Bowls are being played everywhere! You’ll see them at yoga studios, in healing centers, massage therapy spaces, counseling offices, at holistic health workshops, meditation classes and metaphysical shops. They can be used with traditional medical treatment or as an alternative to pain medication. Oncologist Dr. Mitchell Gaynor was a famous advocate of Crystal Singing Bowls, which he used with his patients, to minimize and even relieve pain without medication.

Meditation teachers have rediscovered singing bowl techniques and are using the Crystal Singing Bowls with their more effective sound generation than the ancient Tibetan metal bowls in their classes as an aid to help settle a person before meditation instruction or practice. With the correct study and experienced practitioner, they are simply the most powerful and amazing tools currently available for creating and propagating calming and healing sounds.

There’s nothing like them; they are unique. Crystal Singing Bowls help boost our mood and soothe our soul. Recently I saw video of a United Airlines flight attendant playing a crystal bowl in flight to calm both passengers and crew.

Following are some of the many benefits I witnessed through my work as a Sound Healing Practitioner. The results were almost always immediate, for both myself and those that I have served. So, 

Why Play Crystal Singing Bowls?

1. Quiet the mind

Without realizing it, we are constantly thinking and every moment, our minds are processing thoughts. It has been discovered that almost 80 percent of our thoughts are repeated over and over on autopilot.

Crystal Singing Bowls can stop the mental patterns, by simply entraining clients or participants into deeper states of brain patterns, such as alpha and theta, the states that are present when we are deeply relaxed.

For example, anxiety and depression sufferers often have repetitive thoughts that seem to spiral upward or downward, depending on the person and their pattern and find it difficult to break this pattern. With Crystal Singing Bowls, an extremely potent and readily available tool, we can allow the thoughts, but follow the sound and become neutral as we just relax and observe.

Many people find it difficult to meditate because they can’t seem to sit. When they do, they become aware of all those thoughts and it becomes overwhelming. When we don’t take time to be aware of our thoughts and thinking patterns, we move through our lives without much awareness. It’s the practice of witnessing our thoughts that begins the road of awareness.

Increased awareness allows for more consciousness in our lives and awareness is what we can practice regularly, so that we take time to witness, release and just be. Then we can relax and become a healthier person. In this way of being aware, we can change our negative thinking patterns and move into a more positive attitude, which is amazingly valuable for our overall well-being.

In order to affect this positive change, there can’t be anything that’s done consciously; we cannot try to control the mind, because that can never work. Experience shows that the change must be spontaneous if it’s to be effective. It’s like trying to soak oneself by dabbing ourselves with liquid. It’s so much easier and infinitely more practical to just jump into a pool of that liquid.

The metaphor to changing our thinking patterns or becoming aware of them via the sound of the Crystal Singing Bowls is…. with the sound of the bowls, we’re just walking into it, we don’t have to intellectually figure anything out nor realize something. We just immerse ourselves into THE SOUND (It’s like jumping in).

I’ve personally witnessed people simply melting into a state of beingness when they begin to hear the sound of the crystal bowls, and this slows them down and then allows them to actually notice what’s been going on in their heads.

Crystal Singing Bowls create an enormous and overwhelming sound that often is felt in the core of our body and brain, so strongly that our brains and bodies begin to sync-up naturally with the rhythmic patterns or any binaural beats present (when two bowls of different but close, frequencies are played at the same time, it creates a binaural beat within our brain).

In a word, it’s magnificent that the sound of the crystal bowls can stop the repetitive patterns and downward spiral of our thoughts and help us to become more present and aware. This leads to relaxation and a release from old patterns while our mind becomes quiet, all led by the sound.

Why Play Crystal Singing Bowls?

2. Sleep more Deeply

When we are able to turn our repetitive patterns off or at least become aware of our thoughts, we’re able to more easily let them go. Because the Crystal Singing Bowls have this potent quality of assisting brain entrainment, we move into slower brainwave patterns, such as Delta waves, which is the dominant feature of the brainwave state person experiences while asleep.

Exactly like the mental repetition of a mantra in many meditation practices, we can use the sound of the bowls to bring us to a very deep place, releasing our stress and worries.

Anytime we relax during the day, like taking the time to listen to a beautiful piece of music or flowing with the intention to follow a sound (made by a Crystal Singing Bowl), we often sleep better and more deeply at night.

Several studies have shown music helps us to sleep better at night. Parents singing to a baby can help bring their child into a sleep state.

Through years of practicing as a sound healer, one of the most common effects that my clients and students have thanked me for is the ability to relax and sleep more deeply from listening to the Crystal Singing Bowls during a session. Often they may even fall asleep during the session! Which is still great because the sounds keep on going in deep and doing the work for them.

Why Play Crystal Singing Bowls?

3. Improve the Quality of your Voice and Sing easier

I remember when I first began playing and listening to Crystal Singing Bowls in my first Sound Healing class. They were so easy to sing with because they had a beautiful droning quality unlike any instrument I ever sang with. I remember my sound teacher at the time, mentioning that my voice sounded so ‘resonant’ and ‘warm’ compared to when we began the course.

When we sing with instruments (traditionally guitar or piano), the instrument usually doesn’t have a sustained droning quality and therefore it doesn’t express in the way that Crystal Singing Bowls can. It helps new singers feel more comfortable (partly because they become very relaxed) as they become immersed in the droning quality and sound of the bowls and hence feel less cautious and shy about the way their voice sounds.

Crystal Singing Bowls are an amazing instrument to sing with as they bring pleasure from the inside out, since they are both felt and heard and singing with them helps to release and express. The bowls assist with our intention that we bring to a healing session. Singing or Toning with the bowls has been the quickest, most profound way that my clients and students have been able to release or transmute lower levels of energy, negative patterns or deep emotional debris.


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Heal and Play Crystal Singing Bowls Like a Pro! Performance and Healing Applications.


Heal and Play Crystal Singing Bowls Like a Pro!