Benefits of Regular Sound Journeys and Sound Baths

On numerous occasions, my students, clients, and Crystal Singing Bowls customers have reported to me the following wonderful experiences. After a Sound Journey, they sleep better, their meditations are deeper, they’re calmer, more relaxed, they’re feeling lighter, less sick and more comfortable in their own skin. They’re feeling more grounded, more energetic, more inspired and creative. Often I hear they enjoy a natural ‘buzz’ for weeks after the session.

A relief from insomnia is truly priceless. Help with digestion, emotional balance, curbing appetite, lowering anxiety, pain reduction, muscle relaxation, and spiritual alignment while eliminating distractions in the environment is utterly divine. The list literally goes on and on.

The experienced and trained sound practitioner can guide clients through a session, in a group or solo, to calm the nervous system, slow the heart rate and deepen the breath which brings more oxygen to the brain and the physiology. The benefits are immense and seemingly without end. The group intention of a Sound Journey creates a powerful healing field and also enlivens interpersonal bonding while creating a sense of community with like-minded people.

Sound Journeys, Sound Baths or receiving Sound Healing Sessions on a regular basis, will have the following effects, which definitely lead to profound healing of the results listed above.

Relax Deeply

When we focus our awareness on the sound and use the sound to remain still and feel relaxed in our beingness, the stress and concerns will fall away. It puts us into a state of expansion that is perfect for receiving new awareness in life, enabling us to be more creative and better problem solvers.

Breathe and Be

Breathing, which is the basis of singing is often used in vocal toning. I often lead vocal toning circles as part of my Sound Journeys as it offers a transformative benefit of releasing and expressing. When people tone in a group together, there may not be words to express the pain, but with simple vocal toning it’s released right away and then a sense of release and deep relaxation occur creating a sense of lightness.

Untie the Knotted Mind

An intention to be still and quiet our mind will slow down the nervous system, switching off the ‘fight or flight’ response. But many have trouble practicing this without a tool. Regular Sound Therapies such as Sound Journeys (also known as sound baths), with a trained sound practitioner, assist our bodies to ‘let go’ and be, as clients are guided by sound and taking in and entraining with those sounds that may be needed. This helps to deepen the connection with the inner organic self and de-stress.

Sleep Better

Releasing blockages in the meridians, chakras and emotional body is the forte of Sound Journeys. As a result of releasing and deeply relaxing through the entrainment process, people automatically sleep much better. Often when we can’t sleep it’s due to a ‘keyed up’ feeling or an imbalance of hormones. The Crystal Singing Bowls purify what is not flowing and when our brains entrain with them, we simply let go. When we can sleep more deeply, our hormones are balanced more easily.

How does this happen? It’s in the nature of the sleeping/resting cycle. When the body is well rested, the endocrine system functions properly, the correct hormones are manufactured by the body and released into the system at times appropriate to the normal functioning of the system. When we’re well rested, we’re riding/surfing nature’s waves. Likewise, when we’re exhausted, we’re struggling internally and there’s a battle just to stay awake. Hormone production and regulation take a backseat to the fight or flight response, which is all-consuming. What a relief to be released from that cycle!

I mainly use Crystal Singing Bowls in my Sound Journeys and Sound Therapy Practice. There are so many healing benefits from listening to and playing the Crystal Singing Bowls (read: Why Play Crystal Singing Bowls: The Most Amazing Benefits) and a massive amount of testimonials provided to me from the many clients that I work with. They can address any aspect of our being, whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual or physical.

Each and every Sound Journey is unique and each one unveils more awareness of self and dissolves more layers. The more you come back, the more is released and the deeper you go.

Bliss is created as a result of deep release and relaxation helping us to become happy in life, with a more positive attitude; we more easily solve problems and begin to truly have fun with life.

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