How to Heal Yourself: Bring out the Natural Healer Within.

Are you going through a healing crisis and want to learn how to begin to heal yourself?

This article will get you started and shares practical techniques that will allow you to begin to heal yourself right now.

We all possess the natural ability to heal ourselves. All creatures have this incredible self-healing capability. Trees and plants, even microbes have self-healing capabilities. With a little instruction from an experienced healer, you will begin to see how easy it is. In this article, I’ve laid out four simple ways to begin your healing journey today.

  1. Acceptance And Coming From Neutral

If you haven’t already, please get my free guide, “Spiritual Grounding: Simple steps to BENOW.” With this guide you can gain an understanding of how to move into neutral and surrender to what is. To begin, it’s important to become clear on what you would like to heal. What outcome would you like to see for yourself. It could be emotional, physical or spiritual, but whatever it is, it is there for a reason and has something to teach you. To heal means to shift or change something to bring it to a different state, a state of wholeness. The first step of our healing journey depends on how clear we are on what we wish to shift. Perhaps it’s an old eating pattern that has made you sick or old emotional wounds that show up as disease. It’s important that whatever may be happening, to love yourself completely.

Try this: Get yourself into a meditative state that is neutral. Accept where you are and what is happening from this neutral place. Surrender that acceptance to The Infinite One (God, The Higher Power, the all-powerful, Creative Intelligence that silently manages the universe, etc.) and begin imagining what change you would like to see happen. I recommend a daily meditation practice. A few minutes in the morning after you arise and a few minutes before bed can do wonders for body, mind and spirit. If you need a tool for easy meditation, Sound Healing is the easiest and most effective method that I know of.

You can visit my YouTube channel: Kalee Coombs, for instructional Sound Healing videos and information about Crystal Singing Bowls which have the reliable and very powerful ability to easily put your nervous system into a deeply relaxed state.

  1. Ask For Assistance And Follow The Guidance You Receive

Ask The Infinite One for help in what you’d like to achieve. A question that I find helpful is as follows: “What would I need to be, feel or do for this outcome to occur?” Please be patient and don’t worry about getting an answer right away. Answers come in many forms. They may come later that day or next week and may come to you in nature, through reoccurring events, or as symbols. They can be seen in the behavior of animals, you can get them through an interpretation of someone’s words, etc.

Be open and receive the messages that bring your answer to you. Act on the information in your environment. I can’t tell you how many times something seemed insignificant to me, only to find out later that it was a message or answer to my questions or prayers.

  1. Remain Positive With A Good Attitude And Be Open To Change

In order for the healing to occur, we must allow it to happen. If it doesn’t happen right away, ask yourself if there is any reason why you’re hanging on. Ask yourself what you are gaining from what you consciously say you don’t want. There could be some subconscious sabotage, so sometimes, we have to dig deep to find the why’s behind the patterns. Often times we get physically ill from emotional patterns, eating habits or not listening to our inner voice telling us to do something, like painting that vision or writing that book.

  1. Find Ways To Transmute And Raise Your Vibration

Examples of this are: Singing or vocal toning, dancing, laughing, loving yourself, forgiving yourself, tune into higher states like love, joy, gratitude, devotion, play an instrument, like a Crystal Singing Bowl, be in nature and surround yourself with beauty and colors that you resonate with. Be sure to sleep deeply each night and eat high alkaline, high vibrational, natural foods, especially fruits and vegetables, bathe in and drink plenty of the cleanest, purest water that is available to you. Fresh air and deep relaxation are essential for healing.

These small steps can have a profound effect in the direction for self-healing. Be sure to spend the time on yourself and practice each day and before long you’ll shift into a new, healthy reality. You are a natural healer.

If you’d like to work with me in my special healing program, please consider a transformational healing program created just for you. Also, if music and sound healing resonates for you then check out my Sound Healing Programs and receive your Sound Healing Certificate

Much Love, Kalee