Manifesting With Sound: 

Using The Power of Intention

The secret of creating and manifesting with sound is to have a clear intention and then be in resonance with what you want to create. In order to do this we first need to be clear on what we want. (When people come and work with me, I help them to become clear on what they want).

Two ways to amplify your intention and fuel the fire is to work with a group or work with a coach. A coach can see you more objectively and therefore can help you to get clear and release things that are holding you back. Working within a group will amplify your intention and desire.

Working With A Coach

A coach can help improve your results to a large degree, more than you could by going it alone. Coaches help structure the steps necessary to reach the desired result and they can inspire you, while holding you accountable for the actions that you have committed to take. With deep insight into what you are trying to do, she will walk with you on your journey as support.

Group Manifesting And Healing

When I teach Sound Healing techniques, I usually suggest being clear in your intention and supporting the group in theirs. The beauty of working within groups is that when people are part of a like-minded and like-hearted group with the common goal of healing, then that combined energy completes a circuit and generates a field. Human beings have tribal roots and naturally feel comfortable when organized into groups. We need group dynamics and group interactions and enjoy seeing others’ successes. We feel very natural comforting and supporting our peers. When mature leadership establishes a safe space for all the participants in any group, not only do the individuals flourish but groups gain momentum and in stages, gain power and soon are able to achieve larger and more significant goals. Regular meetings allow for structured support sessions. Group goals are key and communication is essential.

Groups amplify their ability to achieve goals through a scientific process called constructive interference. Individual waves add upon each other and build. This growth of power follows geometric growth patterns. This amplitude growth is an essential feature of Sound Healing.

When you become a part of my Sound Healing group in the form of classes or Sound Journeys, we will use the collective power of the group to help both you and the group break through any blocks and reach the desired outcome.

Once we are clear with our intention, then we must gain resonance with it. Resonance is simply when two or more wave forms are similar (or sympathetic) that they add upon each other creating amplitude. Being in resonance means we feel and become the same or similar energetic frequency of what we are creating in our lives. For example, if we wish to draw in true love, then we tune into love within, practice loving for ourselves and choose to feel as if we are in love. We may imagine what it would feel like to be loved and to love until we are in tune (or resonance) with that vibration. Basically, you’re ‘dialed in’ to the feeling that you wish to feel. Humming birds tune into a flower and feel the resonance. If it resonates, they interact with the flower.

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