The New Moon occurs this Sunday, July 23 and as each new moon approaches, I ask myself what I’d like to finish up with to allow more space to create something within the coming month. I move into contemplation and then hop on the Crystal Singing Bowls and allow some releasing to occur, and then I ask myself to envision what I’d like to create.

The more we let go and give the more we receive. Ebb and flow is found in all of nature, contraction, and expansion and like the pull of the moon on our planet’s abundant shores. An empty space filled while a full space is emptied. In surrendering to what is, we open ourselves to receive.

Many of us confuse the meaning of ‘surrender’ as giving up and heading for the prison camp. Surrender, in its truest form, means that we release ourselves from what is and allow something higher to move through us. When we surrender, whatever it may be, we allow the force of the universe to work on our behalf, so that we become free of old patterns. As a result, we fill ourselves with more energy towards our evolution.

Surrendering can help us move through great trials in life. If we feel that we want to accomplish something that promises great rewards and time after time we don’t accomplish it, it can create a lot of stress within. I especially think of those who ascribe to a strict religious order, new age community, or other tribes, where there are particular rules of living one’s life and punishment or reward is the result. In my own life, I’ve had to surrender my morning routine and my own space because my temporary environment didn’t support it. In order to get through, I had to surrender to The Infinite One, with trust and love. I also forgive myself for not doing what I think I ‘have to’ do in order to have what I want.



So seagull, as the saying goes, “If you love something, then set it free”! Surrendering is a big part of successful manifestation. If we don’t surrender to what is and what isn’t working for us any longer, we further hold it in place, like a clog stuck in the drain.


I just created this Surrender Meditation Audio with Crystal Singing Bowls to prepare for the New Moon.


I hope that you enjoy it!