Manifestation and Sound Healing

How to Amplify your Intentions with Sound

Need a little ‘Shazam’ in your manifestation practice?

Sound is a very powerful amplifier of our intention. Anything that you desire or wish to create can be quickly moved forward in its creation through sound, especially since sound is known as part of the creational source of matter. If you’re ready to create something in your life, you must be aligned, relaxed and take time to envision, and trust that you are creating it.

Before we can heal anything in our lives we MUST take the time to go inward and rest in deep relaxation. We create first from within. Crystal Singing Bowls or Drums are by far the most helpful tools in harnessing our intentional energy for manifesting with sound. As we play these instruments, our brains naturally begin to entrain with the repetitive qualities of the sound, bringing us to deep brainwave states, like alpha, theta, and even delta.

Here’s how you can try it for yourself.

First, it’s important to sit, become still and align yourself with the one, source of all that is. Hold your intention to become relaxed while playing a Drum or Crystal Singing Bowl. Or you may use your voice to chant on whatever syllable or vowel, feels right, like ‘Ah” or “Oh” (I wouldn’t recommend using a specific chant, like ‘Aum’, for example, which may have it’s own energetic signature of manifestation, that may split the energy away from your desired intention). Chant on the sound until you feel deeply relaxed, which sets the foundation for creating.

From this relaxed state, expand your powerful heart center and allow yourself to see and envision your desire. Don’t try to control every little detail, but rather allow it to from your highest inspiration and allow yourself to flow with it. You can create in your mind, but often the lower mind may be conditioned to see what’s been accomplished in the past and doesn’t have the vision of what could be. It may be that something greater, more than you can see with your mind wants to be created by the highest through you. Focus on the flow of inspiration of the heart.

Feel the qualities that resonate with your vision. And allow yourself to build the feelings and qualities of your heart while trusting that you are forming from the field of potentiality.

Next, tune into and become a state of Gratitude, while recognizing that you have created this in your inner world and that soon it will form in your outer, or material world. Begin to play or sing in gratitude to amplify the celebration of receiving your desires.

Using the frequency feelings work because they attract the same likeness, as we begin to ‘embody’ the new reality that we are creating. Allow yourself this time to create inwardly each day, perhaps morning and evening before bed. As a reminder of what you are embodying, tune into your manifestation session and into the feeling sensation, throughout the day.

Please let us know about your experiences using sound to manifest! And check out the links to study the Healing Sound Arts with Kalee much more in-depth. Also, we’d be happy to assist you in choosing a Crystal Singing Bowl, Drum or other Sound Healing Tool for yourself, or as a gift for someone you love.

May all your visions come to fruition! 

Love and Gratitude, Kalee