Manifesting with Sound and Song at the New Moon

(Using the FFF Method)

Manifesting with Sound and Song at the New Moon! Something that we can truly be grateful for is that in each moment we have the opportunity to manifest a whole new life! This is especially powerful with the energy of the moon and the creative force of sound.

When we desire to manifest a higher reality for ourselves, we need to tune in. Much like using the dial on a radio, we must tune into the station (feeling), be clear in our intention (focus), tune into the particular station (energetic vibration), feel it in our inner world and practice the embodiment, as it manifests in our outer world (form).

It takes practice and presence to tune in, in each moment with full awareness as a creator being, but it is possible and a potential that we all own.

Try this simple method and use Sound to keep focused on your intention throughout the day while the manifesting process is unfolding.

  1. Get relaxed and take some time to be clear on what you’d like to create (see Manifestation and Sound Healing: How to Amplify your Intentions with Sound).
  2. Next, ask yourself what is feels like and what it sounds like.
  3. Create a sound or use a song that will work as a trigger. Each time you remember that you are creating something new, sound, sing or play the trigger.

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Have a beautiful New Moon and please let me know what results you’ve had!

In Love and Gratitude, Kalee