28-Day Love Alchemy Quest

This powerful intentional alchemy will transform your life

and the lives of others!

Begins February 1, 2017 AND….. it’s FREE!

28-Day Love Alchemy Quest

By participating in the Love Alchemy Quest you’ll receive:

  • A bi-weekly love-gush email filled with tips and inspiration to be in love.

  • An invitation to the community FB group where your loving soul family awaits you.

  • Video and audio meditations to assist you in keeping the love vibe going.

  • An invitation to the intentional opening ceremony, on February 1, at 8 pm EST with a powerful healing by Kalee to open your heart, clear your inner channels and receive almighty source love and assistance in cultivating the love within.

  • Easy assignments to keep you on track through the whole process.

  • And permission to love yourself, NO MATTER WHAT!

28-Day Love Alchemy Quest

Desiring more love in your life? Looking to attract a soul mate?

Want to soar in higher states of consciousness and ascend to new spiritual heights?

Join us for the 28-Day Love Alchemy Quest!


The 28-day Love Alchemy Quest will create a daily habit within, to love yourself and BE the love you want to experience in your world. By loving ourselves and ‘being’ the love, we raise our vibration, taste higher states of consciousness and experience the love mirrored back to us from source through our relationships, our work and opportunities. We will form a community of loving individuals with an unstoppable conviction to love, no matter what!