With the help of pure source and the divine mother, we can place our attention on what needs our love and allow theses areas to be heard, showing us where we may change for the better and reach our full potential.

Connect with the Infinite Mother and Sacred Mama Earth and release with a Full Psychic Scan of the Chakras, Auric Field, Grounding Cord, Clearing, Messages and a Special Healing. With the help of Pure Source and the Divine Mother, we can place our attention on what needs our love and allow these areas to be heard, and show us where we may change for the better and reach our full potential and evolution.

How it works:

This reading psychically scans your auric field, grounding cord, and your seven main chakras. Messages are shared with you what energies exist there for awareness and insight. Once insight is gained, the healing instantly begins. Then you are guided you through a process of cleaning and clearing, which we do together to release the old energies. Then with an alchemical process of light and a wave of divine mama love, we bring higher frequencies and light that fill you up and prepare you for your desired outcome. 

Get the Mother of all Readings:

“Divine Mama Chakra Cleanse Healing Reading”

~with Kalee and Divine Feminine Love

Are you feeling stressed? Do little things trigger you?

Do you struggle with the same problems over and over? 

Having difficulty achieving simple goals and want to create a new life that’s more fulfilling?


As a benefit of this reading you will:

*Tune into old patterns that create obstacles.

*Heal old wounds that bind.

*Release stress.

*Get clear and be inspired as you walk into your new life!

I had been stuck so to speak on a particular aspect of my crystal business and when Kalee began the session, the first subject she touched on was that exact topic. Wow! The information she brought forward was exactly what I needed to hear. It went to the very heart of the issue and made me realize I had been blocking myself. Kalee gave me excellent suggestions for homework – she’s knowledgeable and intuitive and zeroed right in on what would be best for me to continue my spiritual growth. So, having gone to see Kalee for a little inspiration and direction I can say that I received that in abundance and the session really supercharged me, what a great reading!

Amy, Portland, Maine

My reading with Kalee was very energizing. I felt that it was right on and helped guide me onto the path that I needed to be on. I went away feeling like I left behind unwanted baggage and headed on a new exciting path.

Susan, Topsham, Maine

I had a reading from Kalee, and right from the beginning, she put me at ease and I felt a positive and pure energy flow. She was very accurate and very intuitive about what was happening in my life. I had never met Kalee before and it was amazing how much she knew about me in a relatively short period of time. She was very good about asking me questions and about wanting me to ask specific questions. The healing that she performed on me at the end of the reading put my mind at peace and I was left with a very positive feeling. I plan to continue to see Kalee on a regular basis and whole-heartedly give my recommendation to anyone to see her.

Mona, San Francisco, CA