WOOM Center, NYC

Circle Sound Healing with Kalee Coombs, Tonal Alchemist

Sat. July 29th, 7:30pm-9:30pm


Journey into a healing circle with intention, allowing source to move through the altar of the heart and manifest transformation. Our intent is powerfully vibrated as inner and outer merge in sound with our voice – the birth canal of manifestation. Travel the sacred circle of Sound Alchemy, grounded by the soles of the feet, nurtured in the frequency of love, and sharing our infinite wisdom and potential with the Earth.

Sound Journey Transmissions 

with Tonal Alchemist Kalee Coombs

Sound Bath New York

Kalee’s Sound Journeys are unique. 

Sound baths have become increasingly popular. It seems like “everyone’s doing them,” and many people have been to at least one in recent years. There’s tons of publicity in various news channels and scientific researchers have taken an interest as well. From our perspective, these sound baths are invariably passive barrages of natural tones – keyword: Passive. The sound is generated through crystal bowls or the traditional Tibetan bowls of various construction, gongs and bells and various drums are sounded but the sound is passive, in the sense that it’s simply broadcast over the attendees’ bodies and hearing/feeling mechanisms.

Sound Alchemy is a departure point where the sound is ACTIVE. The sound created, led by the voice and supported by the bowls and the other percussion instruments has been cultured specifically for the audience, and this is accomplished when the practitioner is adept at sensing the deep underlying feelings reverberating in the room at the time of the performance and by singing and directing the tones into that space, an enlivenment is achieved. This is why so many breakthroughs and spontaneous healings occur during the Sound Journeys, far beyond the passive sound baths.

On so many occasions, Kalee has heard participants exclaim that “you sang my song,” meaning that the song that was reverberating and repeating so often in a person’s mind was actually sung out by Kalee during the course of the Sound Journey.

We invite you to experience the authentic Tonal Alchemy of Sound Journeys with Kalee Coombs and we look forward to your feedback.

Kalee’s voice has a special quality that becomes immediately apparent when you first hear it. In a word, it’s healing. Kalee uses her voice as her main tool to affect the healing process by use of sound. The process is generally going forward as follows: Using her well developed intuitive skills, Kalee first becomes sensitive to what’s going on in her environment, as if listening to the room, or the space she finds herself in. This manifests into a direct connection with the person or people in the room and then singing into that space, the correct and appropriate sounds and tones required for maximum healing are brought forth. This is tonal alchemy.

I’ve known Kalee for over three years. Her pure dedication to holding others in the energy of unconditional love along with her authentic radiance is phenomenal. She’s had a significant impact on my self-healing journey.


“I’ve had multiple sessions with Kalee. There is always a shift. Often, I find that her healing work will have an energetic effect that lasts for several days to a week later. This has facilitated a lot of release for me on a very deep level. This is not trite…there are a lot of people who skim the surface. I find that Kalee’s energy is very pure. It comes from a very deep and sincere place, creating a profound effect. Kalee is the “real deal.” She lives and practices what she teaches and shares with others. Kalee is completely congruent with what she is flowing out. Therefore, I find the transmissions more clear and pure and effective than what you will find with many other healers.


28-Day Love Alchemy Quest

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28-Day Love Alchemy Quest

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The 28-day Love Alchemy Quest will create a daily habit within, to love yourself and BE the love you want to experience in your world. By loving ourselves and ‘being’ the love, we raise our vibration, taste higher states of consciousness and experience the love mirrored back to us from source through our relationships, our work and opportunities. We will form a community of loving individuals with an unstoppable conviction to love, no matter what!

28-Day Love Alchemy Quest

By participating in the Love Alchemy Quest you’ll receive:

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  • Easy assignments to keep you on track through the whole process.

  • And permission to love yourself, NO MATTER WHAT!

Fall Equinox 2016

Celebration: White Magic Crystal

Thursday, September 22nd, Gorham Maine

Celebrate the goodness of fall with white magic intentions and Crystal Singing Bowls and high vibrational energies of a warm loving community. Ceremony and guided meditation for self-sovereignty and anchoring in light and frequency for the Nation’s freedom and consciousness for sentient beings and resources Manifesting and giving thanks for abundance, peace, love, and freedom for the planet. Get clear, know your intention and feel the love and gratitude as we welcome it here!


Register quickly, limited seating!