Kalee Coombs

Creator of Resonant Alchemy, 

Healing Coach, Tonal Alchemist

Kalee Coombs is a healing coach and the creator of the Resonant Alchemy Healing Sound Arts Program. She’s a natural psychic reader, a sound artist, and known to many as “The Tonal Alchemist.” With her natural ability to heal and hear the song of the soul, along with an eclectic background in classical music, ethnomusicology including years of academic study and a lifetime of self-exploration, she has created a wide variety of programs and offerings to benefit people and society.  For over a decade she has made these highly practical programs available to individuals, groups, and businesses.

Kalee’s voice has a special quality that becomes immediately apparent when you first hear it. In a word, it’s healing. Kalee uses her voice as her main tool to affect the healing process by use of sound. The process is generally going forward as follows: Using her well developed intuitive skills, Kalee first becomes sensitive to what’s going on in her environment, as if listening to the room, or the space she finds herself in. This manifests into a direct connection with the person or people in the room and then singing into that space, the correct and appropriate sounds and tones required for maximum healing are brought forth.

This is tonal alchemy.

Kalee’s mission is to share the purest wisdom of love and connection to source that assists individuals and the collective to heal, develop and prosper and feel inspired to create a happy, healthy and abundant life. She’s devoted to bringing permanent peace, higher consciousness and abundance to the planet through her practices of clearing obstructions using sound therapy and intention, and teaching others to do the same, developing their unique gifts while learning Kalee Coomb’s proven techniques.