“The most powerful weeks that I’ve had in my life, have been the ones where I was studying Sound Healing in your Apprenticeship Program”. CD, Gorham, Maine


“I’ve had multiple sessions with Kalee. There is always a shift. Often, I find that her healing work will have an energetic effect that lasts for several days to a week later. This has facilitated a lot of release for me on a very deep level. This is not trite…there are a lot of people who skim the surface. I find that Kalee’s energy is very pure. It comes from a very deep and sincere place, creating a profound effect. Kalee is the “real deal.” She lives and practices what she teaches and shares with others. Kalee is completely congruent with what she is flowing out. Therefore, I find the transmissions more clear and pure and effective than what you will find with many other healers. I recommend the quality of Kalee’s work unconditionally. It is obvious that she puts all of herself into her sessions and her compassionate, intuitive and open nature make her an ideal practitioner.” NL, San Diego, CAScreen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.25.52 PM


“I had been stuck so to speak on a particular aspect of my crystal business and when Kalee began the session, the first subject she touched on was that exact topic. Wow! The information she brought forward was exactly what I needed to hear. It went to the very heart of the issue and made me realize I had been blocking myself. Kalee gave me excellent suggestions for homework – she’s knowledgeable and intuitive and zeroed right in on what would be best for me to continue my spiritual growth. So, having gone to see Kalee for a little inspiration and direction I can say that I received that in abundance and the session really supercharged me, what a great reading!” AW, Portland, ME

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“I’ve had a psychic reading from Kalee and she was accurate and insightful. The cynic in me was expecting a turbaned carnival crystal ball gazer. I was mistaken. She is truly the ‘real deal,’ I thought. Then she gave me an energy clearing. I was so relaxed and clear that I felt I was beyond my body, on a celestial cloud where harps played. I was amazed beyond belief and convinced myself that as extraordinarily talented as Kalee was, she had reached her limits. I was proven wrong when I went to her electronic newsletter and listened to her audio blessing. I was humbled by her vocal range and thought no human could emit these angelic sounds! Kalee is an angel indeed and her abilities and talents exceed this human dimension. Don’t just take my word for it. Contact Kalee and you too will be amazed and delighted.” SH, Nevada

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“I would like to tell you how powerful your full moon manifestation was! I listened to it several times. I could clearly picture myself on the beach near the fire. I believe that this meditation helped us in reaching our goal of getting a mortgage and a beautiful piece of land on which to build our home.” Amanda, Sabego Lake, Maine


“Kalee offers divinely unique and deep healing sessions. I can still feel the vibrations of her drums and crystal bowls in my soul. I feel clear, light and inspired. I am grateful for the experience and look forward to our next session. — feeling blessed.” BP, Portland, Maine


“I’ve known Kalee for over three years. Her pure dedication to holding others in the energy of unconditional love along with her authentic radiance is phenomenal. She’s had a significant impact on my self-healing journey.” CC, Portland, Maine

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“Kalee, I can’t thank you enough for creating a safe and sacred space for me to literally “voice”, expel and let go of the pain I have held onto for so many years. Your gift of healing has allowed me to get out of my own head and be totally in the moment and let go of years of pain.”JP, South Portland, ME


Kalee was very energizing. I felt that it was right on and helped guide me onto the path that I needed to be on. I went away feeling like I left behind unwanted baggage and headed on a new, exiting path.” SW, Topsham, Maine


“I met Kalee several years back when she was doing sound healing sessions at a metaphysical bookstore in Freeport, Maine. There was an instant connection that has since grown to span several levels, including a deeply authentic personal friendship and facilitator/client relationship. Kalee is an extremely gifted healer, intuitive and sound practitioner. Having studied diligently throughout her early adult and adult life to gather professional knowledge and activate innate wisdom in both traditional and non-traditional learning settings, she has emerged as a truly multitalented individual. Kalee’s special brand of facilitation, be it for psychic readings, private instruction or sound healing sessions, includes the setting of sacred space where one is brought into conscious awareness of core issues in a place of deep compassion and safety and gently guided to examine and/or let go of what no longer serves. It is a rare privilege to be in a position to recommend someone or something unconditionally and yet this is exactly the case when it comes to experiencing a session with Kalee. If you find that you are at a place in your life where you are genuinely ready to heal, to open up and let go, then look no further for your guide.” NL, San Diego, CA

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She was very accurate and very intuitive about what was happening in my life. I had never met Kalee before and it was amazing how much she knew about me in a relatively short period of time. She was very good about asking me questions and about wanting me to ask specific questions. The healing that she performed on me at the end of the reading put my mind at peace and I was left with a very positive feeling. I plan to continue to see Kalee on a regular basis and whole-heartedly give my recommendation to anyone to see her.” MA, San Francisco, CA


I feel a thousand times better. The weight has lifted. The bliss is back. The truth that everything will be okay is now experience.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. PD, Gorham, Maine


“Kalee Coombs provides an extraordinary sensory experience. Whether you are seeking relief from the cumulative effects of stress, an alternative means of transcending mental and/or emotional blockages (stuck energy), or simply complimenting your self-care regimen by participating in an experience of deep nurturing, Kalee offers something for all!

Ms. Coombs is a highly skilled practitioner, who incorporates a variety of alternative modalities into her sound healing practice. She models compassionate awareness and demonstrates an uncanny ability to see beneath the surface of one’s “conscious conversation,” resulting in gentle, but powerful facilitation that leads to wonderful breakthroughs, in addition to deep relaxation.

Sound healing sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs and can be performed in person or “remotely,” based on the client’s location and preference. 

Having experienced both types of sessions, I can attest unconditionally to their effectiveness. At the conclusion of a recent session, I was inspired to simply “walk away” from a 20+ year habit of smoking cigarettes. I experienced zero withdrawal symptoms, minimal cravings and remain joyfully smoke-free to this day (months later)! In general, sessions leave me feeling lighter, more expanded, joyful and often inspired to move past any prior sense of limitation. It seems that both the benefits and the applications are endless”. NL, San Diego, CA

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Dear Kalee,

I’ve just finished your FB challenge 1 1/2 week ago. It was pure “luck” and very timely for me as I’m recovering from a Herniated back – since last September.

I loved your structure and the very gentle and accepting manner, you lead us through your 3 sessions. I felt a prompt response in my body, mind and subconscious, which gave me some quite profound experiences…

Your knowledge and approach is very professional and I highly recommend your Healing Sound Arts. 

I’m ever so grateful for learning more about the magic of “your universe”.

Also thank you from my ♥️ and the opportunity to have a full – fourth – sound healing on the Friday session.

In Love, Praise & Gratitude, CR