Kalee a natural psychic healer and reader, is known for her compassionate and positive flow of energy and information. She is deeply ‘tuned in’ and therefore, her transmissions are clear, pure and accurate. Kalee gives psychic healing readings, feels deeply, and sees in pictures and colors that exist in one’s energetic field by working with the frequencies that are at play within you (emotions, states of being, experiences, past trauma), some that may attract situations influencing a person’s life, as a result, she helps her clients release what is holding them back, so they can fully open to the infinite possibilities of their new life.

Psychic Healing Readings take place by Skype or Phone

My reading with Kalee was very energizing. I felt that it was right on and helped guide me onto the path that I needed to be on. I went away feeling like I left behind unwanted baggage and headed on a new exciting path.

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Psychic Healing Readings with Kalee

Deep emotions, stress, and trauma may be blocking you. Any event that we didn’t have the time to deal with or have support to handle can become an energy pattern that becomes lodged within. These blockages, if not cleared from our vibrational field, can create repetitive patterns in our life and show up as irritations, fears, and lower states of being, such as jealousy or shame, which lower our vibration or state of being.

I feel a thousand times better. The weight has lifted. The bliss is back. The truth that everything will be okay is now experience. Thank you.


“I’ve had a psychic reading from Kalee and she was accurate and insightful. The cynic in me was expecting a turbaned carnival crystal ball gazer. I was mistaken. She is truly the ‘real deal,’ I thought. Then she gave me an energy clearing. I was so relaxed and clear that I felt I was beyond my body, on a celestial cloud where harps played. I was amazed beyond belief and convinced myself that as extraordinarily talented as Kalee was, she had reached her limits. I was proven wrong when I went to her electronic newsletter and listened to her audio blessing. I was humbled by her vocal range and thought no human could emit these angelic sounds! Kalee is an angel indeed and her abilities and talents exceed this human dimension. Don’t just take my word for it. Contact Kalee and you too will be amazed and delighted.”


  “Kalee is naturally gifted as a healer and psychic. Her readings are 

eerily accurate.”


“I had a reading from Kalee, and right from the beginning, she put me at ease and I felt a positive and pure energy flow. She was very accurate and very intuitive about what was happening in my life. I had never met Kalee before and it was amazing how much she knew about me in a relatively short period of time. She was very good about asking me questions and about wanting me to ask specific questions. The healing that she performed on me at the end of the reading put my mind at peace and I was left with a very positive feeling. I plan to continue to see Kalee on a regular basis and whole-heartedly give my recommendation to anyone to see her.”