Healing Sound Arts

Sound Healing Practitioner Certification

“The most powerful weeks that I’ve had in my life, have been the ones where I was studying Sound Healing in your Apprenticeship Program”. CD, Gorham, Maine


The Healing Sound Arts Apprenticeship Program is a 90-day one-to-one weekly intensive, Sound Healing training with Healing Coach Teacher, Kalee Coombs.


The weekly 90-minute meetings take place online and offer full instruction to become a Sound Healing Practitioner. Upon completion of attending the meetings, applying the techniques and completion of assignments, the student will receive a certificate of Sound Healing.

Learn to use sound to ignite creativity, overcome anxiety, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual uses, such as, raising consciousness, release physical and emotional pain / trauma, shift or transmute lower emotions, be peaceful and calm in your daily life and more! 


In the sound healing program, the student will learn practical applications that can be used on self, in your group work, and in a one-to-one healing practice. Learn about resonance, frequencies, chakras, entrainment, brainwave states, intention, utilizing a daily sound healing practice, increasing the intuitive centers, applying sound in your existing practice, root soul frequency, creating sacred space and clearing spaces, singing into the body, also playing and learning about crystal singing bowls, using your voice and other sound tools, chants, mantras, songs and much more. 

“I’ve known Kalee for over three years. Her pure dedication to holding others in the energy of unconditional love along with her authentic radiance is phenomenal. She’s had a significant impact on my self-healing journey.” CC, Portland, Maine

Become a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner!

“Kalee, I can’t thank you enough for creating a safe and sacred space for me to literally “voice”, expel and let go of the pain I have held onto for so many years. Your gift of healing has allowed me to get out of my own head and be totally in the moment and let go of years of pain.”JP, South Portland, ME

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Level I 

The Symphony of Self

This level will give the student a foundation in the understanding of what Sound Healing is. While exploring the field of Sound Healing Therapy, the student will ‘Know Thyself’ through sound/ frequency, find the sounds within and utilize the power of intentional sound techniques that heal, create, transmute and transform. A basic description of sound and discussion of terms from the field of Sound Healing, such as, resonance, binaural beats, brainwave entrainment, deep listening, the power of expressing with the voice, the sound of silence and sound meditation, Cymatics, Root Soul Frequency, holding vibration, states of consciousness, healing oneself and creating a practice of Sounding. True healing of all begins with healing oneself. Learn to heal yourself and create balance spiritually, emotionally and mentally and physically.


Level II 

Environment, Relationship, Intervals

In this level, the student will master the soundscape of the environment by creating a space of optimal healing frequencies; learning more about frequencies all around, from a space, from people, plants, animals and things, as well as, space clearing and holding a field vibration. Learn about Crystal Singing Bowls, Drums, Bells and other instruments, and explore, choose and learn what different instruments can do for healing and also with the voice. Explore the world of music, musical terms and create a space that can serve you and others in healing, at home, and in a work setting. Facilitating group sessions, sound meditations, and sound circles with instrumental meditations, song, chant, toning and mantra.

Level III 

Healing the World & Set up your Sound Healing Practice

In this third level, the student will create the structure and practice so that they are ready to administer Sound Healing Therapies. We will practice creating sound to heal others; offering one-to-one sound healing sessions or combine sound healing practices for your clients into your current practice. The student will set up their Sound Healing space, learn to diagnose, create sounds that are needed, increase awareness, align with the universal source field and create positive change and states of being and hold space for others for the healing to occur.