Sound Healing School

Become a Sound Healing Practitioner

“The most powerful weeks that I’ve had in my life, have been the ones where I was studying Sound Healing in your Apprenticeship Program”. CD, Gorham, Maine

Learn to use sound to ignite creativity, overcome anxiety, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual uses, such as, raising consciousness, release physical and emotional pain / trauma, shift or transmute lower emotions, be peaceful and calm in your daily life and more! 
In the sound healing program, the student will learn practical applications that can be used on self, in your group work, and in a one-to-one healing practice. Learn about resonance, frequencies, chakras, entrainment, brain wave states, intention, utilizing a daily sound healing practice, increasing the intuitive centers, applying sound in your existing practice, root soul frequency, creating sacred space and clearing spaces, singing into the body, also playing and learning about crystal singing bowls, using your voice and other sound tools, chants, mantras, songs and much more. 

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Are you a beginner? Do you LOVE Crystal Singing Bowls and want to share the joy of them? Do you have some new Crystal Singing Bowls or are ready to buy some?

Sign up for this special 4-week apprenticeship with Kalee and learn to play Crystal Singing Bowls like a pro! This course will give you very comprehensive knowledge including: how to play and care for the bowls, space clearing, understanding the many different types of bowls, chakra balancing, meditation and working with groups and in the healing arts with clients. This is the first time this course has been offered! As always, as part of the session, your questions will all be answered.