Quiet the Mind, Heal the Body, Soothe the Soul, and 

let your Spirit Soar Free.

Some of the Benefits of Regular Sound Healing Therapy:


Pain management

Restful deeper sleep

Promotes healthy breathing rate, heart rate, and blood pressure

Balances hormones

Calms your nervous system

Heightens awareness and focus

Ignites creativity

Releases trauma held in the body

Heightened state of consciousness.


Sound Healing treatments work with subtle energy, Qi (chi) or prana to open all energy centers or chakras, balancing body, mind  and spirit, releasing stuck emotions and old stagnant patterns, aligning your entire being while in a soothing, relaxing healing space of love. Remain fully clothed and replenish yourself while receiving vibrational waves of higher frequencies like love, peace, abundance, bliss, forgiveness and gratitude with Kalee’s healing voice, crystal singing bowls, drums and other sound remedies. Many clients report experiencing a higher plane of awareness or a buzzing feeling for weeks, as a release of old energies releasing and transmuting with sound into the new.

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Solfeggio Frequencies

Change your life with these powerful ancient frequencies!

Ancient Sacred Frequencies for healing self and relationships, developing intuition, spiritual evolution,

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“Music is the harmonious voice of creation; an echo of the invisible world.” ~Giuseppe Mazzini