The Sounds of Nature

Expanding Our Connection to Mother Earth Through Her Portal –

The Sounds of Nature


“From a small seed, a mighty trunk may grow.”— Aeschylus


The sounds and frequencies of Nature are naturally good for us and can bring us back to balance. Listening to sounds like the ocean’s waves breaking on the shore, a babbling brook’s chatter of water flowing over differently sized stones, the wind hissing as it moves through the trees or the song of birds can put us into a deeply relaxed state which is fundamental for the healing process to take place. Even the frequencies that we can’t pick up with our ears play an important role in our health. The Schuman Resonance or the inaudible Earth sounds which can only be picked up with highly specialized equipment also have their important effects on us.

After many years of my sound healing and teaching practice, I’ve found that the most effective way to heal using sound is also the most natural way. When we utilize the sounds of Nature to effect a healing, we are becoming, to some degree, at one with the source of those sounds or frequencies that are most needed to create the healing. This is why sound healers that work with me learn to empathically tune into the situation, the person or the environment with trust in their intuitive abilities. They actively listen to the sounds that are out of balance in the subject and then they reintroduce those sounds that may be of benefit. This can produce various effects that are always beneficial.

From our side, we need to trust our process of practicing empathy and we need to keep reinforcing the experience of being open to those subtle perceptions. It’s like establishing a new path that we follow through a dense forest, that channel opens to us more and more as we follow it. Or like a snow plow. The more we move forward on that path, the easier it becomes to traverse.

Your empathic ability will grow, just like a tree grows and one day, that sapling has become a mighty and magnificent tree.

When we’ve established and developed our own empathic ability, then we need to further develop the trust that we can actually become one with these healing sounds. They are driven by specific aspects of Nature, guided spontaneously by Natural Law. These sounds can be the most powerful healing forces available anywhere because we are all already organically part of and in symbiosis with our Mother Earth and Nature. If there was a complete lack of connection, then there would be no life. If the person we were trying to heal had a minimal connection, then they would be desperately hanging by a thread. So if there’s some health, then there must be some connection.


Ordinarily, people are actually closer to being healthy than they realize. Perfect health means there’s a total and complete connection of the individual’s physiology – on every level – to Natural Law and the full flow of Nature’s intelligence is lively and available in the person’s physiology. In the case of healing an individual, one of our healing methods as a sound healing practitioner is to restore this connection between the individual and the healing force of Nature by introducing natural sounds which are then spontaneously entrained by the person we’re trying to help.

Step one is to be open and fluent with our feelings as we perceive the person’s condition. To do this we need to be open to them and that’s all part of the practice of Empathy.

Always keep in mind that this is a practice and as we go forward and do it more and more, then it becomes easier and more natural for us. The more we do it and become open to it, the more routine and spontaneous it becomes. It’s as if the lights begin to come on for us.

First, as the sound practitioner, we need to maintain and restore our own connection to the Earth and those procedures are outlined below. Secondly, we can help the subjects of our healing practice by helping them to regain their connection to Nature by restoring their “sound diet” to include these natural sounds.

My Own Connection To Trees

There were two things that always helped me through stress both as a child and as an adult: deep breathing, which I learned in my singing lessons and grounding and connecting to earth or ‘Earthing.’ I was fortunate to have a close relationship with the natural world as I grew up in the deep woods, far from any neighbors.

Being out in nature, wandering through the forest almost every day naturally led to my special relationship with the trees. I always felt protected and amongst friends while out in the forest and remember spending countless hours sitting on the ground beneath the trees, touching and caressing them. It was common for me to have a kind of silent conversation with the trees and receive advice. Each tree seemed to have a different personality or ‘feeling’ about it.

Sometimes the wisdom was quite strong and startling. I can clearly recall once being shown a vision of human beings turning into large trashcans overflowing with waste. As I empathically embraced the tree, I could feel all the toxic waste within our human population on Earth.

I find it amazing and heartbreaking to contemplate the situation of how trees benefit humanity while most people act like trees are not actually here among us. Trees clean the air and move water within themselves through a kind of peristalsis, which is a contraction/compression movement or a rhythm, and it vibrates with a deep, strong, hum.

The trees help us to breathe. Our breathing slows down when we are among them and the trees make the air healthier for our intake. They also help us to connect to the Earth (or ground) and especially when the ground is covered in snow. Whenever we merely touch a tree with our hands and are connecting with the trunk we are gathering the Schuman Resonance into our bodies which are essential for our health.

In my BE NOW program called Spiritual Grounding, we practice deep breathing and Grounding (or Earthing).

If you’d like to develop a relationship to a tree and desire that experience to commune and learn from them, simply touch them and begin to open your subtle connection to them and talk to them. Make contact by putting your head against a tree while sitting at their roots. Sing them a song of gratitude and sit quietly with your questions.

Being this intimate with the trees is a way of establishing yourself within the rhythm of Natural Law and this is just one of many ways to align your individual awareness with Cosmic Awareness.

First, the healer has to be settled and fluid and ready to be their best at healing.

In order to accomplish this, the awareness has to be opened to the subtle realms of Nature. And the key concept here is to recognize that this is a subtle process…. this is a highly refined and subtle connection that we’re going to establish. It’s not an obvious connection like knocking on a door to a home or an office or ringing a doorbell and waiting for someone to come and answer you. This is a subtle, silent process and you’re going to open your awareness to the finest levels of perception at the edge of a human being’s abilities to perceive the world around us. In order to have these authentic experiences, we must remain well rested, we need to be easy and gentle with our experience and we need to keep our awareness tuned to the subtle realms of creation.

I can guide you to these levels of perception; it’s my gift and especially after many years of teaching others to perceive and work with these finer levels, it’s become an easy thing for me to do.

Please consider the following points and I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your own learning path!



Implementing The Methodology

Deep Relaxation

People find the sounds of Nature deeply relaxing. Most often, we hear that exposure to Natural sounds yield deep, restorative sleep.

Preparing Ourselves

We always want to take some time to meditate before a sound healing session and also, whenever practical, before sound healing sessions or performances of Sound Bath/Sound Journey events it’s important for the sound healing practitioner to get a tune-up by spending some time in Nature and in the presence of trees.

Allowing the Process to Grow

Just as a small sapling grows to become a mighty tree, we have to recognize that our spiritual and healing abilities grow gradually and we can have confidence in our progress. But we can’t push and we have to be reasonable about the pace of our progress. The more we do it, the cumulative effects add up and lead to greater abilities.